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An overnight riot at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin has sparked concerns over safety and highlighted past controversies surrounding the facility. The incident involved 14 youths climbing onto a roof, throwing projectiles, and setting a building on fire. During the unrest, a police officer was struck and injured, leading to an investigation by the Serious Crime Unit into the criminal damage and cause of the fire.

This recent incident has resurfaced previous issues at Don Dale, including the use of controversial techniques like spit hoods and restraint chairs, as documented in a Royal Commission report. The Commission had recommended closing Don Dale due to safety risks, but the opening of a new center has faced repeated delays.

The Acting Deputy Commissioner emphasized that these young people involved in the riot are among the worst-behaved in the territory, underscoring the challenges faced in youth detention facilities. Calls to improve conditions and address the systemic issues at Don Dale have been ongoing, with Chief Minister Eva Lawler expressing a desire to move away from associating the Northern Territory with the troubled history of Don Dale.


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Article Title: Overnight ‘riot’ at Darwin’s notorious Don Dale Youth Detention Centre
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