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A recent incident at a private school in Melbourne has caused shock and outrage as three male students compiled a spreadsheet ranking their female classmates with derogatory terms. The school principal and Victorian premier expressed their dismay at the disrespectful behavior, highlighting the importance of respecting women and addressing violence against them.

The students involved in creating the offensive document have been suspended, with ongoing investigations to address the incident. The premier emphasized the need for cultural and legislative changes to protect women, particularly in light of the national debate on violence against women.

The incident has brought attention to the pervasive issues of misogyny and disrespect towards women, prompting calls for action from authorities and the community. The federal government has announced measures to tackle violence against women, including financial support for those leaving violent partners.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the work that still needs to be done to promote gender equality and eliminate harmful attitudes towards women in schools and society as a whole.


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Article Title: Students suspended at Melbourne private school over ‘disgraceful’ spreadsheet rating female classmates
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