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Pierre Mol, a Sydney-based artist, has pled guilty to multiple charges of sexually assaulting art students he hired as models. Mol, who attempted to justify his actions by claiming they were part of a mission to understand the human figure, faced significant backlash in court, particularly from one of his victims when he tried to apologize.

The victims, who were art students dedicated to their craft, felt exploited and manipulated by Mol. In response to his crimes, they are now urging the council to remove a mural he painted in 2006 at The Rocks, a historic area in Sydney.

During court proceedings, impact statements from the victims highlighted the profound effect Mol’s actions had on their lives. The court also noted the significant age and power differences between Mol and his victims as aggravating factors in the offenses.

Pierre Mol is scheduled to be sentenced in July, bringing a conclusion to a case that has shocked the Sydney art community and prompted calls for greater protections for art students and models.


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Article Title: ‘Should not be celebrated’: Victims call for rapist’s mural to be removed
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