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Find the Best Lawyer in Sydney

If you live in Sydney and are faced with a legal problem, you need to contact our Sydney Lawyers.

At Law by Dan, we can take of your legal matter through the most simple to the most complex.

Our Sydney lawyers are an experienced team of dedicated lawyers ready to solve your legal matter today.

Sydney Family Lawyers

At Law By Dan, our Family lawyers understand the emotional rollercoaster family law matters can be.

For this reason, we approach every matter with compassion and sensitivity to ensure you are looked after throughout the duration of the court proceedings.

Our family lawyers can help you with divorce applications, separations, prenuptial agreements and child custody disputes.

Our team of trained lawyers are renowned for their personalised advice to suit each individual and their needs.

Our Sydney lawyers will give you a strong representation in all family law disputes no matter how complex they may seem. In choosing us, you have our support.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Criminal convictions can pose serious risks to your future. Even if the conviction is minor, the consequences can result in inability to travel overseas and possibly limit future employment opportunities.

Seeking legal advice early on in your matter will likely secure a better outcome.

Our criminal lawyers can offer you guidance in all areas of criminal law as well as help you understand your rights.

At Law by Dan, we understand the stress and uncertainty involved in facing a criminal conviction and are here to help.

Sydney Compensation Lawyers

In any instance involving injury or negligence, it is imperative that you contact our personal injury lawyers.

At Law By Dan, we offer you great legal information to put your matter into context regarding all areas of compensation law and how to receive the maximum compensation.

The legal services offered by our personal injury lawyers are personalised to suit you and your specific case. We have built a powerful reputation of achieving great results for their clients

Sydney Employment Lawyers

Understanding your rights as an employee is one of the most important aspects of your financial security.

Being involved in a dispute with your employer can be difficult and unsettling. If the dispute is left unresolved, it is important that you seek legal advice immediately to ensure your rights as an employee are protected now and into the future.

Our employment lawyers will deal with your matter with discretion and professionalism to ensure your reputation is guarded and your rights are looked after.

Sydney Business Lawyers

If you are looking for a business lawyer who is committed to you and your business, our business lawyers are the people to see.

At Law By Dan, we have the extensive legal knowledge and can help you address a full range of business law matters applicable to you.

We can help you with supplier agreements, superannuation, workplace obligations, employment agreements, workplace rights, intellectual property, business succession, trusts, succession planning, franchises and franchise advice, business duties, and other matters within the business law realm.

Our business lawyers will always ensure a prompt resolution to your matter is reached.

Sydney Wills and Estate Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we will commonly assist clients with the creation of their Will and other important documents.

This usually involves guiding the client through the drafting phase of the Will to the distribution of their property.

Making a will is a lifelong commitment and our Estate Planning Lawyers are here to help you make the right decisions. Our Estate Planning Lawyers understand the emotion attached with losing a family member and thus, apply a common sense, practical and compassionate approach to all matters.

Our Estate Planning Lawyers are committed to solving all problems we are confronted with and most importantly, reducing the burden on your family regarding estate matters.

Our Sydney Lawyers

At Harry Quinn we believe, as you should too, that there is a direct correlation between great outcomes to your legal problem and your choice of lawyer.

Our Sydney Lawyers are leading New South Wales legal practitioners. Many of our lawyers are both award-winning and Accredited Specialists in their respective disciplines.

What this means for you, is that in seeking to resolve your legal matter with Law By Dan, you have the very best lawyers on your side.