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Two teenage boys have been taken into custody following a disturbing altercation at the Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Melton, Melbourne. The incident, which involved a group of males armed with machetes and edged weapons, unfolded in a violent brawl that sent families running in fear on Monday evening. Witnesses described the scene as horrendous, with one boy seen wielding what appeared to be a machete.

The Victoria Police swiftly responded to reports of the fighting at the shopping complex on Barries Road around 5 pm. One of the boys involved, aged 15 and from Weir Views, suffered head injuries and was hospitalized. The other boy will be interviewed by authorities once he is released from the hospital.

Both teenagers are facing charges related to affray, possessing prohibited weapons, and having criminal intent. This incident adds to a recent spate of violent events in Australia, including the Bondi massacre in Sydney and a stabbing terror attack at a church in western Sydney. The community is left shocked by these acts of violence, emphasizing the need for safety and security measures to protect citizens from such incidents in the future.


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Article Title: Two children arrested after machete brawl in Melbourne shopping centre
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