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Sakshi Agrawal, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, has admitted to dangerous driving and failing to stop after colliding with nurse Nicole Lagos in Melbourne. Agrawal initially tried to shift blame onto the Tesla’s autopilot feature, but later confessed to driving recklessly in a panic. The incident, which occurred in March 2022, left Ms. Lagos with severe injuries, including brain damage and permanent disabilities.

The court proceedings revealed that Agrawal’s claim of the autopilot system being active was false, as police analysis of the Tesla’s data showed inconsistencies in her story. Despite initially fleeing the scene in a state of panic, Agrawal eventually returned to the crash site. Ms. Lagos, in an emotional victim impact statement, described the lasting effects of the crash, expressing fears of not being able to fulfill her dreams of starting a family.

Agrawal’s actions have led to serious legal consequences, with potential jail time of up to five years for dangerous driving and ten years for failing to stop. The court is set to sentence Agrawal on May 10th, following her recent change of plea from not guilty to guilty. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the devastating impact that reckless behavior can have on innocent individuals.


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Article Title: Tesla owner who falsely claimed car was in autopilot before Melbourne crash pleads guilty
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