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In a bid to shield survivors of abuse from further trauma and exploitation, efforts are being made to combat the unethical practice of claim farming. The case of Susan, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, highlights the distress caused by unsolicited contact from lawyers seeking compensation claims.

Claim farming, a practice involving the solicitation of abuse survivors without consent, has come under scrutiny for potentially leaving victims financially worse off. The South Australian government is taking steps to introduce laws that would penalize those engaging in claim farming, aiming to deter profiteering from individuals’ trauma.

The proposed legislation seeks to ban unsolicited contact with victims for personal injury claims and ensure that survivors are not re-traumatized for financial gain. Advocates of these measures emphasize the importance of a national approach to prevent loopholes and protect victims across the country. Such actions are pivotal in safeguarding the well-being of those who have already endured unimaginable suffering.


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Article Title: Calls for nationwide ban on practice of ‘claim farming’
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