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Dr. Sathiyapal Kulanayagam, a family doctor, found himself in the spotlight facing disciplinary action for inappropriate sexual behavior towards a young 24-year-old patient. The troubling incidents included the doctor offering money, taking inappropriate photos, and even physically assaulting the patient.

In an alarming turn of events, Dr. Sathiyapal transferred $5000 to the patient’s account as hush money to keep the misconduct hidden. The patient’s partner, though financially strained, was appalled by the situation and expressed a desire to report the incident to the police.

The Health Care Complaints Commission intervened in this disturbing case, investigating the allegations and taking necessary disciplinary action against the doctor. This series of events sheds light on the importance of maintaining ethical standards and professionalism in healthcare settings to ensure patient safety and well-being.


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Article Title: ‘I have money’: Doctor touched patient’s breast then gave her $5000, tribunal finds
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