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Train drivers are on the verge of a 24-hour strike due to an ongoing salary dispute with private rail operator Keolis Downer Adelaide (KDA). The Rail, Tram, and Bus Union (RTBU) are pushing for a substantial 20% salary increase over four years, while KDA is offering a lower 14.7% raise over the same period. The strike, if it occurs, could severely disrupt the upcoming AFL Showdown between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows, causing inconvenience for many commuters.

The union’s secretary, Darren Phillips, expressed concerns about the impact on footy fans and commuters planning to attend the event. Negotiations are still in progress, with hopes of reaching a mutually agreeable solution before the proposed strike date of May 2. Previous work stoppages have already disrupted train services, with potential additional rush-hour disruptions on May 7 between 6 am and 8 am.

Both parties are urged to engage in constructive dialogue to avoid further inconveniences to the public. The state government has been called upon to provide input on the matter. The situation remains tense as the looming strike poses challenges for both workers and commuters alike.


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Article Title: AFL Showdown train commuters face major disruptions as union threatens 24-hour strike
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