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A trial is currently in progress in Sydney for a Chinese woman, Jie Shao, who is facing allegations of causing the death of Jean Huang during a breast augmentation procedure at a beauty clinic in August 2017. Shao, who is not a registered doctor in Australia, stands accused of administering unauthorized substances during the procedure, including Lidocaine and Tramadol.

According to the prosecution, Shao exceeded the recommended dose of Lidocaine, resulting in a fatal overdose for Huang. The court heard that Shao played a role in the procedure but her defense argues that she was not responsible for running the clinic and the substances used were provided by another individual.

As the trial continues, details emerge about the events leading to Huang’s death, with the next hearing scheduled for Wednesday. The case sheds light on the importance of ensuring qualified medical practitioners and approved procedures are followed in cosmetic treatments to prevent tragic incidents like this one.


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Article Title: Woman denies ‘boob job’ killing in fatal mix up
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