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Victoria Police’s Professional Standards Command is currently overseeing an investigation into the tragic death of a 48-year-old man in Echuca, Victoria. The man was discovered deceased inside his white Ford Falcon ute after the canopy caught fire on Ogilvie Avenue around 4:20 am on Thursday.

Authorities revealed that the man had been in police custody for unrelated traffic offenses prior to his death, following a positive breath test. Detective Senior Constable Troy Wickham stated that the death is not being treated as suspicious, although the exact cause is yet to be determined, with speculation pointing towards the fire as the likely cause.

In light of recent police contact, the Professional Standards Command has taken charge of the investigation. Arson chemists and detectives from Melbourne have been called to the scene to assist in determining the cause of the fire. A report will be prepared for the coroner to provide further insights and clarity regarding this unfortunate incident.


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Article Title: Professional Standards Command to oversee Victoria Police investigation into death of homeless man
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