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A Victorian doctor, Dr. Tom Crawford, has been at the center of controversy due to allegations of making racist and homophobic comments towards patients. The Medical Board of Australia took action against Dr. Crawford, imposing restrictions on his practice that included supervision and education requirements following the alleged incidents.

Dr. Crawford, a sole practitioner specializing in skin cancer treatment, denied the accusations, stating that his comments were meant to establish rapport with patients and not intended to be offensive. However, the Medical Board described his conduct as “homophobic” and lacking in disability awareness.

The Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal recently suspended the requirement for Dr. Crawford to undergo 10 months of supervision due to significant financial implications, but maintained the mentorship condition. The tribunal expressed concerns over Dr. Crawford’s communication skills and emphasized the importance of him reflecting on the notifications received to ensure his future interactions with patients align with professional standards.

The case highlights the challenges faced in balancing patient care with professional conduct and serves as a reminder of the responsibilities healthcare providers have towards their patients.


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Article Title: Restrictions on Victorian doctor accused of racist and homophobic remarks paused due to bulk-billing shortage
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