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A mother of five, Casey Maree Bryant, has been handed an 18-month home detention sentence for defrauding the Central Highlands Council in Tasmania of $130,000. Bryant’s fraudulent activities involved using council funds to purchase household hardware items, creating unauthorized purchase orders, and misusing a council fuel card. She admitted guilt to multiple fraud charges, which also implicated her husband in presenting fraudulent purchase orders.

The court highlighted Bryant’s deliberate and calculated actions, which spanned over a significant period and had a detrimental impact on the council’s finances and the local community. As part of her sentencing, Bryant was ordered to pay restitution to the council and an insurance company while being subjected to electronic monitoring and community service hours.

This case serves as a reminder of the consequences of financial fraud and the importance of upholding trust and transparency in handling public funds.


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Article Title: Tasmanian woman sentenced for fraud after Bunnings bender with council funds
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