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Victoria’s underground market for illegal tobacco and vape products has become a breeding ground for criminal activities, with organized crime syndicates exploiting the lucrative trade. Young individuals, lured by promises of quick cash, are being recruited to carry out dangerous tasks such as arson attacks and extortions for minimal pay. Law enforcement authorities have been actively involved in combating this rising criminal trend, resulting in arrests, raids, and successful seizures of illegal vapes worth millions of dollars on the streets.

While these efforts have temporarily curbed the spate of arsons in the region, concerns remain high regarding the recruitment of young offenders for illicit activities. To address this escalating issue, authorities are advocating for the implementation of a comprehensive wholesale licensing scheme to regulate the industry effectively and deter criminal elements from thriving in the trade. The government of Victoria has taken steps towards establishing a tobacco retailer and wholesale licensing scheme to tackle the growing menace posed by the illicit tobacco and vape market in the state.


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Article Title: Young children paid $500 to set shop alight in Victoria’s tobacco and vape wars
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