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The Australian government has issued a stern directive to social media giants, compelling them to promptly remove violent footage or potentially incur substantial fines. This action was prompted by the swift dissemination of false information and graphic content following two significant stabbing incidents in New South Wales.

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland underscored the urgency for these new safety laws, emphasizing the detrimental impact of misinformation and harmful content proliferating on various social media platforms. The minister stressed that the unchecked spread of false information can have severe real-world consequences, particularly when it undermines journalistic integrity and public safety.

Moreover, the Australian Communications Media Authority received complaints regarding inaccurate reporting in the aftermath of the Bondi stabbing attack, highlighting the critical need to address misleading content circulating online. Opposition communications spokesman David Coleman echoed concerns about the dissemination of distressing and misleading material on social media platforms, emphasizing the need to hold companies accountable for such content.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese affirmed the government’s commitment to taking decisive action to ensure that social media companies fulfill their responsibility in combating harmful content online. He emphasized that these companies, including social media platforms, bear a responsibility to act swiftly and responsibly in removing violent and misleading content without the need for regulatory intervention.


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Article Title: Social media giants blasted as complaints about Bondi stabbing attack coverage made to media watchdog
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