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William “Billy” James Mitchell, a renowned figure in the world of arcade gaming and a former record holder, has taken legal action against Australian YouTuber Karl Jobst. Mitchell is suing Jobst for defamation, alleging that Jobst falsely accused him of cheating to achieve high scores in the classic game Donkey Kong.

Mitchell, seeking $450,000 in damages, claims that Jobst made five statements in YouTube videos that are untrue. These statements include allegations of cheating, using fraudulent evidence, and expressing joy at the misfortune of another gamer’s death.

The trial, set to take place in the District Court in Brisbane, is facing delays due to Mitchell’s inability to travel to Australia. The court has scheduled a review date to seek updated instructions from Mitchell regarding his availability for the trial.

This legal battle is not the first for Mitchell, as he previously sued Twin Galaxies in the US for defamation over similar cheating accusations. However, that case was settled in January this year with Mitchell’s scores being reinstated in the official historical database on Twin Galaxies’ website.


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Article Title: ‘Not minded to suit his convenience’: Judge asks why former Donkey Kong world record holder can’t attend proposed trial date
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