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An Australian man, Keith Leech, recently appeared in court as Tesla sought to prevent him from sharing leaked internal documents. The documents, which include technical reports, customer complaints, and other confidential information allegedly obtained indirectly from a former Tesla employee, were at the center of the legal proceedings.

During the court session, Tesla’s counsel argued that Mr. Leech had no valid reason to share the confidential and copyrighted material. The court had previously issued urgent orders to Mr. Leech to remove the files from the internet and refrain from using them in any way. Despite removing the documents, Mr. Leech had made statements suggesting he might repost them, citing the importance of public awareness regarding Tesla’s alleged defects.

Mr. Leech compared the leak of documents to the Watergate Affair and advocated for public warning as a justification for sharing the information. Justice Craig Dowling ultimately decided to continue the prohibition on Mr. Leech, indicating there was a sufficient basis for the orders.

The case highlights the ongoing legal battle between Tesla and Mr. Leech concerning alleged breaches of copyright and confidentiality, with a damages claim set to be heard at a later date. It is important to note that Mr. Leech has not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing in this matter.


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Article Title: Keith Leech: Tesla granted order to stop Australian man sharing leaked documents
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