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Union groups in Australia are intensifying efforts to eliminate junior wages, a practice that allows employers to pay younger workers less than their adult counterparts for the same job. This wage discrepancy affects various sectors, including hospitality, retail, and fast food, where younger employees often receive significantly lower pay for identical tasks.

The unions argue that this wage discrimination perpetuates generational inequality in the workforce and is fundamentally unfair. To address this issue, they are advocating for the abolition of junior wages altogether. Additionally, they propose increasing apprentice wages and extending superannuation benefits to employees aged 18, aiming to create a more equitable employment landscape.

However, industry bodies voice concerns about the potential impact on small businesses if junior wages are scrapped. They argue that junior rates incentivize the hiring of less-skilled young workers and provide vital entry points into careers. Balancing the need for fair compensation with the concerns of employers is crucial in finding a sustainable solution that promotes both fairness and economic viability.


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Article Title: Unions to campaign against ‘discriminatory’ junior wages
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