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Mobile speed cameras in Tasmania have been instrumental in enforcing road safety regulations and issuing fines totaling nearly $10 million since their introduction in 2022. These cameras, equipped with tower technology to monitor driver behavior, have successfully detected a range of violations, including speeding, mobile phone use, and seatbelt infractions.

The fines collected from the 16 cameras have funded the Tasmanian government’s three-year road safety program, amounting to $9.3 million. Initially focused on detecting speeding violations, the cameras later expanded their capabilities to target mobile phone and seatbelt offenses. The data revealed a significant increase in fines issued since August, with a total of almost 65,000 individual fines imposed by March.

Infrastructure Minister Michael Ferguson emphasized that the primary objective of the cameras is to enhance road safety rather than revenue generation. Despite criticisms regarding their placement and effectiveness, the cameras have proven successful in capturing driver misconduct across various locations.

Popular spots for the mobile speed cameras include the Southern Outlet at Kingston, Huon Highway at Leslie Vale, and Brooker Highway at Claremont. These locations have seen a high number of mobile phone offenses detected, highlighting the impact of the cameras in enforcing traffic laws and promoting safer driving habits.


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Article Title: Tasmania’s mobile speed cameras result in $10 million in fines for speeding, mobile phone and seatbelt offences
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