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In a recent Federal Court ruling, barrister Gina Edwards has emerged victorious in a defamation case against A Current Affair, resulting in an award of $150,000. The court found that the broadcasts by the network implied that Edwards had stolen an Instagram-famous cavoodle for financial gain. Justice Michael Wigney noted that the coverage painted Edwards in a negative light, with sarcastic and demeaning commentary by journalist Steve Marshall.

Nine Network’s defenses were ultimately dismissed by the court, and they were ordered to pay aggravated damages to Edwards. The legal battle stemmed from a custody dispute over the cavoodle, Oscar, between Edwards and Mark Gillespie. Oscar, who had gained fame on Instagram and even appeared on a reality TV show in 2019, became the center of a contentious legal tussle between the two parties. The court’s decision serves as a reminder of the consequences of defamatory allegations and the importance of responsible journalism in high-profile cases.


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Article Title: Lawyer Gina Edwards awarded $150k in defamation suit over celebrity dog
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