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Bonza airline is on the brink of winding up operations, leading to the termination of its staff. Administrators have informed employees of their impending dismissal following the repossession of the airline’s fleet. The repossession disrupted the ownership structure of the aircraft, complicating efforts to find a buyer and ultimately leading to the decision to shut down the airline.

Employees are still owed wages, adding to the distress caused by the airline’s collapse. The Transport Workers’ Union has stepped in, prepared to assist the affected staff in seeking unpaid wages through the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) process if Bonza goes into liquidation. The potential closure of Bonza airline will have a significant impact on regional communities that relied on its services, highlighting the broader implications of the airline’s financial troubles.


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Article Title: Bonza administrators sack airline’s staff ahead of announcement about its future
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