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Gregory Stuart Lynn, a former Jetstar pilot, is currently on trial, accused of murdering elderly campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay in the Victorian high country in March 2020. The prosecution alleges that Lynn intentionally killed the two campers and took extreme measures to conceal his involvement, including burning the bodies to eliminate forensic evidence.

Lynn has pleaded not guilty to the charges. His defense contends that the deaths were the result of tragic accidents, not premeditated actions. According to the defense, Lynn made a series of poor decisions in an attempt to cover up the incident after the campers died accidentally during a struggle.

The prosecution maintains that Lynn’s actions were deliberate and aimed at preventing the discovery of forensic evidence that could link him to the crime. The trial continues, with the prosecution and defense presenting conflicting narratives about the events leading to the deaths of Hill and Clay.


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Article Title: ‘He knew he had murdered them’: Greg Lynn covered up campers’ deaths to conceal his crimes, court hears
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