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Bruce Lehrmann is appealing the Federal Court’s judgment in a defamation suit loss against Lisa Wilkinson and Network 10. The court had found him guilty of sexually assaulting Brittany Higgins, a former Liberal Party staffer. Lehrmann disputes the judge’s findings and seeks to overturn the judgment.

Lehrmann argues that the incident in question involved “non-violent rape involving inadvertent recklessness” rather than violent rape, challenging the court’s interpretation of the events. He also raised credibility issues regarding Higgins, including evidence about a bruise she attributed to the alleged assault.

The financial aspect of Lehrmann’s appeal remains uncertain. Following the defamation suit loss, he was ordered to pay a substantial portion of the legal fees, casting doubt on whether he can fund the appeal process.

The appeal highlights the complex and contentious nature of the case, as Lehrmann continues to contest the court’s ruling while raising questions about the evidence and testimonies presented during the trial. Resources for those experiencing sexual abuse or family violence are available to support individuals affected by similar situations.


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Article Title: Bruce Lehrmann’s claim about ‘non-violent’ rape finding in multimillion-dollar appeal
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