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Ben Aulich, a prominent lawyer in Canberra, has been fined $20,000 by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for engaging in professional misconduct during a development weekend at a farm in New South Wales. The misconduct incidents included a card game that led to potential accidental exposure, a bawdy cabaret dance, and the distribution of a demeaning book.

Initially, Mr. Aulich defended the events and the culture of his firm. However, he later acknowledged the inappropriateness of the actions and agreed to implement changes. The Law Society chose not to file an application with ACAT after Mr. Aulich promised to review the firm’s culture and accepted the need for change.

Despite his initial defense, ACAT fined Mr. Aulich, issued a public reprimand, and ordered him to pay the Law Society’s costs. This disciplinary action highlights the importance of maintaining professional standards within the legal community.


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Article Title: Canberra lawyer Ben Aulich found guilty of professional misconduct after dancing shirtless in front of colleagues, taking his pants off during drinking game
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