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In the early hours of the morning in Gunnedah, New South Wales, a shocking carjacking incident unfolded. A woman was forcefully ejected from her vehicle by a group of youths, with one of them wielding a knife during the ordeal. The culprits then sped away in the stolen Holden Commodore, only to be involved in a collision at the intersection of Stock and Bridge streets hours later.

The stolen car crashed into a Ford Focus, which had also been reported as stolen, intensifying the chaos of the situation. Upon arrival at the crash site, law enforcement officers discovered four individuals fleeing the scene. Subsequently, four teenagers, aged between 15 and 18, were apprehended by the Oxley Police District.

At present, charges against the arrested teenagers are pending as investigations continue into the carjacking and subsequent crash.


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Article Title: Police arrest four teenagers after carjacking at knifepoint in north-west New South Wales
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