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Raina Jane Cruise, known for her anti-vaccine stance and a failed Senate campaign in South Australia, has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer in Adelaide in 2021. The incident, which occurred in the Adelaide CBD, left the female officer with injuries including pulled-out hair and facial bruising. Cruise, who had previously pleaded guilty to assaulting security guards, saw her claim of unlawful arrest rejected by District Court Judge Jo-Anne Deuter.

During the trial, it was highlighted that CCTV footage captured Cruise’s aggressive behavior towards Constable Anthea Beck within seconds of their interaction. Cruise’s lawyer mentioned her difficult life experiences, such as the loss of a child and husband, as potential reasons behind her actions. Despite seeking a psychological report for Cruise, the prosecutor pushed for revoking her bail due to her history of violent offenses.

The judge’s decision to remand Cruise on continuing bail indicates that she will face further legal proceedings. Cruise’s involvement in anti-vaccine activism and her political run for the Informed Medical Options Party in the 2022 federal election have drawn attention to her background. The judge’s ruling sheds light on the consequences faced by individuals involved in violent altercations, emphasizing the importance of accountability in such situations.


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Article Title: Failed SA Senate candidate Raina Cruise found guilty of assaulting police officer outside Adelaide pub
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