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A recent scam text circulating across Australia impersonating Coles supermarket has caught the attention of authorities. NSW Police took to social media to alert the public about a fraudulent scheme urging recipients to click on links promising Coles rewards. The warning emphasized the importance of vigilance and advised against interacting with such texts.

The scam involves messages luring individuals to click on links under the pretense of claiming rewards points from Coles. However, these messages are part of a phishing attempt by scammers to extract personal information like passwords and banking details. Coles, in response to the scam, has provided a detailed warning on its website, cautioning customers about such deceptive practices and confirming that they never request personal or banking details through unsolicited means.

It is crucial for individuals to remain informed about these scams and refrain from engaging with suspicious messages. By avoiding clicking on any links and being cautious about sharing personal information, people can protect themselves from falling victim to these fraudulent activities.


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Article Title: Warning as Coles Rewards scam text targets vulnerable Australians
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