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The Tasmania Department of Health has come under scrutiny for requiring patients to refrain from suing them in exchange for full access to their medical records. This practice has raised concerns about transparency and accountability within the department. Additionally, criticisms have been directed at the department for utilizing Right to Information (RTI) laws to withhold information about staff involved in cases of alleged medical negligence.

The reluctance of the department to release complete medical records has sparked discussions among legal professionals and the Ombudsman. They emphasized the significance of disclosing the identities of medical practitioners in cases involving litigation, particularly in determining liability for alleged medical negligence.

In response to these criticisms, the Ombudsman has urged the department to reconsider its practices and cease withholding staff names from medical records. The importance of transparency, accountability, and ensuring access to complete medical records for legal proceedings has been underscored in light of these developments.

The controversy surrounding the Tasmania Department of Health’s access to medical records highlights the complexities and ethical considerations involved in balancing patient privacy with accountability in cases of alleged medical negligence.


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Article Title: Ombudsman berates Tasmanian Health Department over ‘obstruction’ to patient medical records
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