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In Broome, Western Australia, a troubling event unfolded as three young children, aged between six and eight, were discovered with their hands bound outside a residence. The distressing scene was broadcast live on social media, sparking widespread outrage and calls for justice.

The situation escalated when the homeowner, a 45-year-old man, found the children in this state and promptly alerted the authorities. He was later taken into custody and charged with three counts of aggravated common assault, scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

In response to the incident, the community in Broome has united to offer support to the affected families and children. Initiatives such as fundraisers have been launched to help construct a new pool for the children involved, with over $11,000 already raised. The community’s compassionate response reflects a shared commitment to standing by those impacted by the distressing events that unfolded in their town.

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Article Title: How did we get here? The Broome incident that was ‘confronting’ and ‘disturbing’
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