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Former Australian Defence Force (ADF) member, Jordyn Gray, has initiated a groundbreaking support program aimed at aiding ADF veteran victim-survivors of sexual violence. The innovative meet-up, organized in collaboration with The Athena Project and The Survivor Hub, seeks to establish a secure space for individuals to share their stories and access coping strategies.

Amidst increasing reports of sexual assaults within the ADF, the lack of adequate support services tailored for victim-survivors has become apparent. Recognizing this gap, Gray’s initiative strives to provide much-needed assistance to those navigating the aftermath of such traumatic experiences within the military community.

The meet-ups represent a pivotal step in addressing the challenges faced by victim-survivors and fostering a supportive environment where individuals can connect, share advice, and embark on their healing journey. This initiative comes at a crucial time when the ADF is under scrutiny for its handling of sexual assault cases and the provision of suitable support mechanisms.

By establishing these meet-ups, Gray aims to offer vital support to those grappling with the complexities of seeking help and recovery from the impact of sexual violence. The response to this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the pressing need for tailored support services within the ADF community.


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Article Title: Australia’s first peer-based support network for Defence Force sexual assault victim-survivors seeks to combat isolation
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