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The former chief prosecutor of the ACT has raised serious concerns regarding a report on a high-profile rape trial, alleging bias stemming from extensive communication between the inquiry chair and a well-known columnist. The report, which detailed significant misconduct findings against the chief prosecutor, accused him of lacking objectivity and advancing false claims during the trial.

The legal team representing the former chief prosecutor has pointed to numerous exchanges between the inquiry chair and the columnist as potential influencing factors in the report’s conclusions. Allegations suggest that these frequent communications may have tainted the objectivity of the inquiry process, raising questions about the integrity of the findings.

Of particular concern are private engagements between the inquiry chair and the columnist, with claims that these interactions were aimed at preventing full disclosure of communications. The nature and volume of these exchanges have cast doubt on the impartiality of the inquiry and the subsequent report.

As the controversy unfolds, the focus remains on whether the communications between the inquiry chair and the columnist unduly influenced the findings of the report. This case highlights the importance of maintaining transparency and impartiality in legal inquiries and underscores the need for a fair and unbiased process in delivering justice.


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Article Title: Lawyer accuses Bruce Lehrmann trial inquiry chair of attempting to hide texts with columnist
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