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Advocates are suggesting a change in Australia’s compulsory voting age to 16 as a response to concerns about young people feeling disconnected from the political process. By lowering the voting age, the hope is to empower and engage teenagers in decision-making that directly impacts their future.

This proposal aims to address the issue of disenfranchisement among the youth population, offering them an opportunity to have a direct say in shaping policies and electing representatives. Advocates believe that involving 16-year-olds in the electoral process could foster a sense of civic duty and responsibility from an early age.

If this change were to be implemented, it could potentially lead to increased political participation among young Australians, encouraging them to take an active role in shaping the democratic landscape of the country. This move reflects a broader effort to ensure that all voices, including those of young citizens, are heard and valued in the political sphere.


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Article Title: Push to lower Australia’s compulsory voting age to 16 as advocate says youngsters feeling ‘disenfranchised’
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