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Residents in Western Australia are now empowered to handle basic plumbing tasks at home legally following recent changes in legislation. The updated laws permit individuals to undertake activities like maintaining, repairing, and replacing showerheads, taps, cisterns, and more without the need for a professional plumber. While these changes offer more autonomy to homeowners, it’s crucial to note that more complex plumbing work still necessitates the expertise of licensed professionals.

Moreover, the legislation outlines fines for individuals found violating the rules, with potential infringement fees amounting to $1000. It is advised for residents to review their insurance policies to ensure coverage for plumbing work, as some situations may not be covered if not conducted by a professional.

The amendments have been well-received by many, including the Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of Western Australia, as they provide clarity and guidelines for residents looking to engage in DIY plumbing tasks. By offering a clear framework, individuals are now able to confidently address minor plumbing issues within their homes while still acknowledging the importance of calling in professionals for more complicated jobs.


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Article Title: Law changes make small plumbing jobs in own home legal again in WA
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