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Controversy has erupted in the Australian Parliament as the federal government pushes forward with legislation aimed at streamlining the deportation process for individuals in immigration detention. The proposed bill targets non-citizens who have exhausted all legal avenues in Australia and mandates their cooperation in deportation efforts. Failure to comply with deportation requests could lead to mandatory jail time, a provision that has sparked debate among lawmakers.

Moreover, the legislation grants the immigration minister the authority to designate countries for removal, a move that has raised concerns about the potential impact on individuals facing deportation. The bill’s urgency and perceived lack of transparency have been met with criticism, with some labeling the process as rushed and chaotic.

The legislation is closely tied to a High Court case involving an Iranian man who is resisting deportation on grounds of potential persecution in his home country. This case has drawn attention to the broader implications of the proposed legislation and its impact on individuals in similar situations.

As the debate unfolds in Parliament, questions around fairness, due process, and the integrity of the immigration system have come to the forefront. The rushed nature of the legislative process has prompted calls for a more measured approach, ensuring that the rights of individuals in immigration detention are upheld while addressing the challenges within the immigration framework.


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Article Title: Government seeks to ram deportation laws through parliament despite crossbench anger
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