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A recent incident on Tapleys Hill Rd in Glenelg North saw a 25-year-old woman lose control of her vehicle after an unexpected kiss from her 18-year-old passenger. The ill-timed gesture led to the car crashing through a street sign and rolling on its side, prompting emergency services to respond to the scene around 3.15 am on Tuesday.

Despite the dramatic crash, both individuals, fortunately, emerged unscathed from the wreckage, with neither the driver nor the passenger sustaining any injuries. The driver was, however, reported for aggravated driving without due care, while her passenger received an expiation notice for interfering with the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

The Mazda involved in the crash was deemed a total loss and had to be towed away from the site. Authorities emphasized that the young couple was lucky to escape serious harm in this unusual chain of events. Both individuals will have legal procedures to attend to as a consequence of the incident.


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Article Title: Odd reason for driver losing control of vehicle
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