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A 22-year-old driver named Matthew Valerio faced the NSW District Court for causing grievous bodily harm and failing to assist after a parking ranger was hit in an incident that left the ranger in a coma for two weeks. Valerio expressed deep regret for not immediately seeking help and admitted full responsibility for the accident.

During the court proceedings, Valerio’s lawyer argued that the collision was unintentional and that Valerio had not seen the ranger before hitting him. The defense highlighted Valerio’s remorse and emphasized that he did not intend to harm the ranger. The court learned about the severe injuries sustained by the ranger, including liver lacerations and fractures, as a result of the accident.

Valerio is set to be sentenced on May 29, with his young age and lack of prior offenses being taken into consideration. Despite waving goodbye to friends and family as he was taken back into custody, Valerio awaits his sentencing with a sense of responsibility and understanding of the gravity of his actions.


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Article Title: ‘A fool’: Driver who posed proudly with his new car went on to make a ‘disgusting’ mistake
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