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Three former employees of billionaire Clive Palmer’s Queensland resort, Palmer Coolum Resort, have been granted compensation after being unjustly terminated. The workers, who were part of a large-scale redevelopment project at the resort, faced sudden dismissals amid allegations of fraud and theft. However, the Fair Work Commission ruled in favor of the employees, citing their terminations as unfair, harsh, and unjust.

The employees, including tradesmen and an accountant, challenged their dismissals in separate hearings held in late 2021. Commissioner Bernie Riordan found that the employees had been subjected to a sham process and awarded them compensation based on the circumstances of their cases. The workers’ claims of serious misconduct and dereliction of duties were deemed invalid by the Commission.

Despite the challenges faced by the employees, justice prevailed as they were vindicated by the Fair Work Commission. The resort, set to open later this year after being closed since 2015, is gearing up for a grand reopening, including plans for a unique car museum housing a collection of vintage luxury cars.


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Article Title: Palmer Coolum Resort ex-employees receive thousands of dollars compensation after unfair dismissals
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