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Popular Taiwanese restaurants and key staff members faced hefty fines totaling $4 million for exploiting vulnerable workers, as revealed by the recent Federal Court ruling. The penalties were a result of deliberate and systematic breaches of the Fair Work Act, with DTF World Square and Seldon Farlane Lachlan Investments found guilty of creating fake records to hide underpayments.

The court imposed substantial fines on both companies, with senior management, including the general manager and HR co-ordinator, also facing penalties for their involvement in the wrongdoing. The deliberate underpayment of 17 employees, mainly visa holders from Indonesia and China, amounted to $157,025, showcasing the severity of the offenses.

These actions were considered serious contraventions under the Protecting Vulnerable Workers law, highlighting the gravity of exploiting vulnerable employees. The penalties secured were among the second-highest in history for Fair Work Ombudsman, underscoring the importance of upholding fair work practices and ensuring all workers are treated equally regardless of nationality or visa status.


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Article Title: Popular restaurants and senior staff fined $4m over ‘scheme to rob employees’
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