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The state is pushing for stringent monitoring conditions for Wayne Wilmot, a serial sex offender, as he prepares to be released from prison later this year. Wilmot, with a disturbing history of sexual offenses including involvement in the tragic kidnapping, rape, and murder of Janine Balding in 1988, has been described by the court as displaying psychopathic personality traits and posing a significant risk of violent reoffending. Despite concerns raised about his behavior, the court is considering extended supervision orders to keep tabs on Wilmot once he is released back into the community.

Preparations for Wilmot’s release include accommodation arrangements, psychological counseling, and support packages. The court has highlighted the need for strict monitoring given Wilmot’s history and risk profile. The case is set for further hearings to determine the appropriate level of supervision required post-release.

Authorities are taking steps to ensure that Wilmot’s transition back into society is managed carefully, including restrictions such as wearing an electronic monitor, submitting to drug and alcohol testing, and refraining from certain activities without prior approval. The state’s focus is on safeguarding the public while providing support for rehabilitation efforts.


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Article Title: Predator involved in Janine Balding murder to be released
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