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In the ongoing trial of Justin Stein, who stands accused of murdering his former partner’s daughter, Charlise Mutten, a forensic examiner has provided harrowing details about the young girl’s final moments. Charlise was discovered with gunshot wounds to her face and buttock, and evidence suggests that she was still alive after being shot in the face, with the bullet entering her brain.

The trial has also brought to light the presence of Stein’s schizophrenia medication in Charlise’s system, indicating that she may have ingested the medication prior to her death. This detail raises further questions about the circumstances leading up to the tragic event.

Witnesses have described Stein’s behavior as increasingly agitated following Charlise’s disappearance. They reported his contradictory statements about the situation, which have only fueled suspicions regarding his involvement in the crime. Prosecutors allege that Stein was the last person to see Charlise alive before her body was found near the Colo River.

As the trial progresses, the prosecution continues to build their case against Stein, piecing together forensic evidence and witness testimonies to uncover the truth behind Charlise Mutten’s untimely death.


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Article Title: Charlise Mutten was still alive when she was shot in the face from 30cm away, jury told
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