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Family violence support services in Ballarat are currently witnessing a sharp increase in requests for assistance in the wake of the tragic deaths of three local women. The deaths of Rebecca Young, Samantha Murphy, and Hannah McGuire have deeply impacted the community, prompting a heightened awareness of personal safety and the need for support.

The surge in requests for help is attributed to the recent incidents and has led to more people reaching out to organizations like The Orange Door in Central Highlands and WRISC Family Violence Support for assistance. The community is reflecting on personal safety and relationships in light of these horrific events, leading to an increase in self-referrals and secondary consults.

Recognizing the pressing need to address family violence in the region, the Victorian government has allocated funding to the City of Ballarat as part of the Free from Violence Local Government grants program. This $250,000 grant aims to support initiatives that combat family violence and violence against women, acknowledging the higher rates of family violence incidents in Ballarat compared to the state average.

Mayor Des Hudson emphasized the importance of proactive strategies to reduce family violence and encouraged individuals to come forward and seek help. While the surge in reports indicates growing confidence in accessing support services, there remains a concern about under-reporting, highlighting the ongoing need for community awareness and intervention.

As Ballarat continues to respond to these tragedies, support services and initiatives are crucial in providing assistance, raising awareness, and fostering a safer community for all residents.


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Article Title: Ballarat family violence support service calls spike after deaths of Samantha Murphy, Rebecca Young, Hannah McGuire
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