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Cindy Pham, a 27-year-old woman, recently faced sentencing for a case of mid-range drink driving following a late-night incident in which her car collided with an e-scooter rider. Despite not being deemed at fault for the accident, Pham’s decision-making led to a failed breath test showing a blood-alcohol level of 0.095, almost twice the legal limit.

The court learned that Pham had made the regrettable choice to drive after consuming alcohol during a night out with friends. This incident marked her second offense related to drink driving, prompting concerns about public and road user safety.

As a result of her actions, Pham was handed a 12-month community corrections order and a nine-month driving disqualification. Moreover, she will be required to adhere to an interlock order for two years once she is permitted to drive again.

The case highlights the importance of responsible decision-making and the severe consequences that can arise from driving under the influence of alcohol.


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Article Title: Lingerie-clad drink driver’s ‘poor decisions’ revealed in court
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