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Former police detective sergeant Stephen Page has raised concerns about the actions of a secret New South Wales Police strike force, accusing them of tarnishing his reputation. The strike force, known as Neiwand, reportedly aimed to alter the findings related to the deaths of three gay men near Bondi in the 1980s, suggesting they were suicides or accidents instead of targeted gay hate murders.

The inquiry led by Justice John Sackar uncovered a pattern of poorly investigated gay hate deaths in New South Wales, highlighting the police force’s historical indifference, negligence, dismissiveness, and hostility towards the LGBTIQ community. The final report recommended 22 confidential actions to be implemented by NSW Police and NSW Crime Commission to rectify the failures in addressing hate crimes against the LGBTIQ individuals.

These findings have sparked concerns about setbacks in the relationship between the police and the LGBTIQ community. Calls have been made for a formal apology from the NSW Police Commissioner to acknowledge the failures in investigating and responding to these crimes.

The families of the victims involved in these cases are hopeful that the new investigations prompted by Justice Sackar’s recommendations will bring long-awaited justice and closure to the unresolved deaths of the gay men near Bondi in the 1980s.


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Article Title: Former cop says secret police strike force into gay hate crimes was ‘dirty, cheap, underhanded’
Retrieved from ABC News