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In a case that has shocked the community of Geraldton, former financial advisor Thomas Graham Greenaway has been found guilty of stealing a staggering $29 million from an Aboriginal charitable trust. Greenaway, entrusted with managing the trust’s funds, abused his position to serve his personal interests, including investing in a hotel.

The trial shed light on Greenaway’s misuse of the trust’s resources for personal gain, raising questions about the investments he made and the names chosen for his companies. Despite previous legal entanglements, including a prior conviction that was later overturned on appeal, Greenaway now faces the consequences of his actions.

Throughout the trial, testimonies from various witnesses, including members of the trust’s advisory committee and business partners, painted a damning picture of Greenaway’s deceptive practices. The guilty verdict reflects the severity of his betrayal of trust and the profound impact on the Aboriginal community he was meant to serve.

While justice has been served in this instance, the case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance in safeguarding the interests of charitable trusts and vulnerable communities. Greenaway’s actions have inflicted significant harm, underscoring the need for stringent oversight and accountability measures in financial management roles.

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Article Title: Geraldton former pub owner Thomas ‘Graham’ Greenaway guilty of stealing $2.9m from Aboriginal charitable trust
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