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In a tragic incident at Kurnell in Sydney’s south, two women lost their lives after being swept into the sea by a freak wave while picnicking on a rock shelf. The group was enjoying their day at Botany Bay National Park when a large wave knocked the women off the slippery rocks and into the water.

Emergency services quickly responded to the distress call. A third woman, who was also swept away by the wave, is currently recovering in the hospital. This heartbreaking event marks the second drowning incident in Kurnell within a fortnight, raising concerns about the safety of visitors near the coastal rock shelves.

The serene outing turned deadly as the women underestimated the treacherous nature of the rocks and the unpredictability of the ocean. Authorities urge caution for anyone venturing near the water in these areas, especially under such hazardous conditions.


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Article Title: Drowned women were picknicking when freak wave swept them from rocks, Sydney police say
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