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Former Northern Territory police officer Zachary Rolfe has declined to answer questions during the ongoing inquest into the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Indigenous teenager Kumanjayi Walker. Rolfe, who shot Walker three times during a bungled outback arrest in Yuendumu, north-west of Alice Springs in November 2019, raised concerns about self-incrimination.

Rolfe’s legal representative argued that compelling him to respond to questions on topics such as alleged drug use and use of force incidents, not directly related to Walker’s death, would be a distraction and legally incorrect. Despite attempts to avoid giving evidence, Rolfe may be required to provide answers as the inquest continues.

The inquest, which has spanned 57 days since September 2022 and heard from 70 witnesses, is focused on unraveling the circumstances surrounding Walker’s tragic death. Rolfe’s former colleague, Sgt Lee Bauwens, is expected to provide testimony soon, shedding further light on the case.

While Rolfe’s camp asserts claims of privilege against self-incrimination, Walker’s family believes that concerns about potential criminal charges should not prevent him from answering important questions related to the incident. The Coroner holds extensive powers to address objections, ensuring that the inquest delves into all pertinent details surrounding the shooting of Kumanjayi Walker.


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Article Title: Kumanjayi Walker inquest: former NT police officer Zachary Rolfe will refuse to answer some questions
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