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A well-known figure in Melbourne’s protest scene, Monica Smit, has been convicted in a case related to an unregistered fundraiser conducted through her organization, Reignite Democracy Australia. The fundraiser, named “Monica’s legal defence support,” garnered over $66,000 from supporters between September 2021 and October the following year.

The court proceedings revealed that the fundraiser was found guilty of failing to register and comply with Consumer Affairs Victoria’s information requests. Despite arguments from Smit’s lawyer that the funds were solely used for legal expenses and did not meet the definition of a fundraiser under the Fundraising Act, the court ruled against them.

Monica Smit received a conviction and discharge, while Reignite Democracy Australia was convicted and fined $1500. The magistrate expressed understanding of Smit’s financial difficulties and mentioned considering “significant mercy” in the judgment. The case has brought attention to the importance of transparency and compliance in fundraising activities, emphasizing the need for proper registration and adherence to regulations.


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Article Title: Monica Smit: Melbourne anti-lockdown activist found guilty for unlawful fundraiser
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