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In a recent tragic incident at Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney, a French national named Damien Guerot, also known as “Bollard Man,” has emerged as a hero for his courageous actions. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese commended Guerot for his extraordinary bravery during a mass stabbing that took place at the shopping center.

Guerot’s quick thinking and bravery were on full display when he used a bollard to prevent the attacker, identified as schizophrenic Joel Cauchi, from reaching a group of children. His selfless act has been widely praised, with many hailing him as a hero for his efforts to protect those in danger.

During the chaotic scene, Guerot, along with other bystanders and lifeguard Andrew Reid, showcased remarkable courage in the face of adversity. Guerot emphasized that while he played a role in confronting the attacker, it was Inspector Amy Scott who ultimately took down Cauchi and was the true hero of the situation.

The bravery displayed by individuals like Damien Guerot serves as a reminder of the selflessness and courage that can emerge during times of crisis. Their actions highlight the best of humanity and showcase the power of individuals coming together to protect others in need.


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Article Title: Prime Minister says ‘Bollard Man’ would be welcomed as Australian citizen
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