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The Northern Territory police commissioner has recently announced the commencement of an investigation into allegations of entrenched racism within the Northern Territory police force. This decision was prompted by former constable Zachary Rolfe’s claims, which included the use of racist language by high-ranking officers and a prevalent culture of racism within the force. During a coronial inquest, Rolfe highlighted specific instances where racist language was openly used, shedding light on concerning practices within the police system.

Commissioner Michael Murphy confirmed at a press conference that the investigation would be conducted independently, with the possibility of involving external agencies like the NT Independent Commissioner Against Corruption. Rolfe, who was acquitted of murder in 2022, admitted to his own use of racist language and provided names of officers he believed had also engaged in using racial slurs.

Despite these revelations, Commissioner Murphy emphasized that there are dedicated officers within the Northern Territory police force who work tirelessly to protect all cultures in the territory. He acknowledged the presence of areas where mistakes are made but stressed the importance of learning and growing as an agency from these instances. The investigation aims to address these serious allegations and foster a more inclusive and respectful environment within the police force.


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Article Title: Investigation announced into NT Police racism claims from Zachary Rolfe during Kumanjayi Walker inquest
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