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In a heartbreaking event that shook Tasmania in 2020, Jari Wise lost his life after being struck by a car. The involvement of Melissa Oates in the incident raised questions, although legal responsibility for Wise’s death was not attributed to her.

The subsequent inquest shed light on the tumultuous relationship between Oates and Wise, showcasing a history marred by volatility. Reports emerged of heated arguments between the two on the very night that ended in tragedy.

Despite witness testimonies suggesting that Oates was aware of hitting Wise, she vehemently denied these allegations during the inquest. The court also delved into incidents where Oates was accused of posing harm to Wise prior to the fatal accident, painting a troubling picture of events leading up to the fateful night.

The case not only serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of volatile relationships but also raises important questions about accountability and the complexities of human interactions that can escalate to tragic outcomes.


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Article Title: Jari Wise’s partner Melissa Oates tells inquest she had no idea she had hit him with car
Retrieved from ABC News